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Our History

‘Braun Yachtservice’ was founded in 1983 by Hartmut Werner “Charly” Braun.

After having sail the seven seas for more than 20 years he was enchanted by the picturesque flair of Pto. Andratx and decided to settle down. With a lifetime of experience and passion for the trade he created a dedicated family business, always prioritising the customers satisfaction. ‘Braun Yachtservice’ soon became an established enterprise with international clientel, renowned for its charm and dedication.

In 1998 Charlys son Alexander Braun took over the management of the company after having completet intensive training in the areas of mechanics, electronics and shipbuilding. Alexander then carried on taking his commercial ocean yachtmaster license for motor and sail yachts.

Having covered thousands of nautical miles he passionally carries on his father’s legacy

About us